At HERMISAN we continue our growth in South America, a strategic area for the implementation of our technified irrigation solutions.

Peru is still a country where our activity grows continuously. We present a new project carried out with our Peruvian partner Agroindustrial SAC – Grupo Garibaldi in the district of Supe / Barraca.

For this we have carried out in a project of 100 hectares of existing Mandarinas, the implementation and installation of 2 Nutricompact Advanced Fertigation Systems under the requirements of the MOHT crop management system together with a new control of field electrovalves via radio, all managed under a Supra Automation System.

With this, our client Agroindustrial SAC-Garibaldi Group (WEB), is at the forefront of integrated production and management of export crops, with the best automated irrigation and fertirrigation control system.

Once again HERMISAN participates in an international project, with a high degree of innovation, strengthening our expansion in South America.