Welcome to Hermisan

Welcome to Hermisan, your technological partner for the development of advanced projects of agricultural drip irrigation, automation and fertirrigation.

Hermisan designs, manufactures, distributes and manages added value with one objective: THE MAXIMUM PROFITABILITY for its clients and their farms.

Hermisan 360º Solutions

Hermisan develops integral irrigation projects that range from the initial idea, to the project, the manufacturing, installation, commissioning, training and after-sales service.

Irrigation Solutions

Design and execution of customized irrigation projects. 

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Fertigation Solutions

We build up your installation, incorporating the latest technology.

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Climate Solutions

With the Automated Climate Management by Hermisan, you will be able to optimize your greenhouse production thanks to MERIDIAN and SUPRA systems.

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We develop in-house the latest advances in communications, allowing our clients to access remotely to their farms for a total distant management.

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Water Efficiency:

The fundamental premises of our company are the rational use of water and the conduction and treatment of water, always looking after environmental aspects.

Our collaboration in the development of infrastructures in recent years included the landscaping of public spaces, residential areas, sports fields, drinking water networks and hydraulic works.

Hardware & Software Solutions

Hermisan Solutions for irrigation represent a major advance in the management of industrial farms, as they provide a complete integration of features such as hardware, software and remote communications.

Your farm in your pocket

Hermisan’s wireless communication solutions provide our clients of a total control of their farm through any device and anywhere they are, so they can programme, activate and deactivate or manage alarms remotely.

Hermisan carries out projects and works all over the world with a common denominator: personalisation, quality and service in a 360º approach to cover all the farmer’s needs from begining to end.