Easy to use:

MERIDIAN is a new concept in irrigation, fertirrigation and climate management, which combines the high performance of a Hermisan hydrocomputer with a TACTIL TOUCH-SCREEN interface, which allows a dynamic and user-friendly system management.

All in one place:

Fertilization can be programmed by several methods, such as time, volume / proportional flow, equilibrium formulas with pH / EC control and others allowing infinite configuration possibilities.


  • Independent control of up to 3 irrigation and fertigation systems. No limit on climate control.
  • Modular versions of 32, 64 or 96 programmable outputs for different types of elements.
  • No limit of programs.
  • No limitation of management of irrigation elements.
  • Filter cleaning by time or pressure differential
  • Fertilization can be programmed by means of different criteria, proportional, by time, pH and EC control, etc …
  • Alarms indicative of irrigation situation, fertirrigation and climate with
  • SMS messages.
  • Statistics of all processes without time limit.
  • Remote control with 3g / 4G, Ethernet, Wifi.
  • Available in different languages (English, Spanish, French, etc.).
  • Full Climate Control.


Total Control:

SUPRA automatically operates all elements of irrigation: such as pumps, irrigation counters, filter cleaning, field valves, agitators, pH / CE probes, fertilizer injection, agrochemicals, etc …

Unlimited Programs:

• Unlimited irrigation sectors

• Unlimited valves by irrigation sectors


  • Great flexibility of operation and configuration.
  • Powerful tool for the integral management of irrigation, fertigation and climate.
  • You can activate more than 1000 outputs and inputs, analog or digital, modular versions, 32, 64, 96, 128, etc …
  • No limit: Able to manage 10 different irrigation and fertirrigation networks.
  • Complete statistics of all the events, without storage limit and with a powerful software for the generation of graphs and reports.
  • Remote control of the system by means of 3g / 4G, Ethernet, Wifi.
  • Available in different languages (English, Spanish, French, etc …).
  • New user interface with friendly and intuitive screens
  • Application of the most innovative advances in industrial electronics and communication between PC.

Irrigation under different parameters:

  • Irrigation by time
  • Irrigation on demand
  • Irrigation by solar radiation
  • Etc.

Irrigation with different methods:

  • Proportional to the flow with pH / EC readings or with pH control
  • PH and EC control.
  • MOHT (Martinez Open Hydroponic Technology).
  • CE with solar radiation factor.


  • The user defines the climatic objectives and the control systems reach the same acting on the greenhouse elements.
  • The System anticipates future events based on the registered information allowing the efficient achievement of the objectives achieved.

The transition between the different control periods avoids the hasty and uncontrolled action on the physical elements of the greenhouse, increasing its operational life and reducing the energy cost.

  • Unlimited number of climate zones to control with unlimited number of probes to read / manage.
  • Control of any weather element, windows, screens, fig. System, cooling system, CO2 injection, heating by hot water, by air, etc …
  • The day is divided into periods of control with different criteria and objectives.