RijkZwaan Ibérica is a subsidiary of RijkZwaan, an international company devoted to the research and sale of horticultural seeds with registered office in the Netherlands, currently positioned among the 5 leading companies of horticultural seeds worldwide.

It has recently opened in the CED La Palma (Murcia) some new outdoors facilities which will allow the production of different crops during the whole year in Mediterranean weather conditions. Additionally, it has some new greenhouses for hydroponics crops to carry out tests to analyze the performance, agronomic improvements of new tools and systems for farmers as well as to experiment new farming techniques.

The project entrusted to Hermisan consists of the supply and installation of an irrigation, fertigation and climate control project for outdoor crops and hydroponics in a greenhouse, with water recirculation and an advanced Nutricompact fertigation equipment, controlled with the Supra Hydrocomputer, remote connection and a Full Outdoors Meteorological Station.

These facilities will be used to perform tests in order to analyze the cost of crops and generate a technical knowledge to be a groundbreaking company in the sector against producers.


Once again this year, Hermisan was present from 22nd to 24th October at Fruit Attraction, the reference fair in the fruit and vegetable sector, which this year has broken a participation record, and which has become a regular event in Hermisan’s agenda.

Innovation, diversity, quality, knowledge and marketing have been the fair’s main axes. This 11th series has received 1,800 participating companies, 90,000 visitors from 130 countries and a total of 30 sectors. 10% more than in 2018.

Hermisan’s stand received a great number of visitors, and focused on two key points: Our unique and patented Anti-frost system and the Greenhouses, a sector where Hermisan has finally taken a step towards comprehensive management: design, manufacturing, marketing, logistics and maintenance.

The success of the Anti-frost system lies in its efficacy and its capacity to control crop frosting through the constant low application of water to cover the plant with a thin layer of ice and keep temperature at zero degrees. A unique system in the market that has generated great interest.

A successful meeting with current and potential clients, with whom we have highlighted innovation as a way to keep growing and to keep achieving successes. In the last year we have installed:

+160 million drippers
+36 million meters of dripper pipes
+4,000 ha. managed in supplies and projects


The Official Association of Agricultural Engineers in Levante (COIAL), by means of its Foundation for the Promotion of Agronomic Engineering, granted the Professional Excellence Award to Fernando Verdú, an Agricultural Engineer, whose work in the field of localized irrigation technology, developed in Hermisan, allowed to save millions of liters of water.

COIAL’s Dean highlighted that Fernando Verdú ‘Has been demonstrating for decades that each drop of water counts’ and added that ‘he is the best example we can give to demonstrate that we have the best engineers to manage water’.

Fernando Verdú began his career in the research centre Aula Dei in Zaragoza and when he was just 30 years old he set his first company. His hard work, technical initiative and innovative capacity defined his career. Nowadays, he manages a team made up of 60 people, from which ten are engineers.

Over its seven editions, these awards became a landmark for the agri-food sector. Agricultural engineers, businesspeople, employer’s representatives, sectorial organizations, public officers, political leaders, journalists and other agents of the industry met to hold the awards ceremony, and, of course, to measure the state of a key sector for the Valencian society and economy.



Hermisan takes a step forward increasing its business areas, always aiming to offer a 360º service to its clients, and it does so collaborating with leading companies in each sector such as Global Invernaderos.

The development of comprehensive projects and the excellence of our work have always been the keystone leading our way. Being present both in the manufacture process and the assembling of greenhouses allows us to get a global vision and guarantees the highest satisfaction of our clients.

Global Invernaderos is endorsed by an extensive career in the sector and has always led technological innovation, having a broad range of models adaptable to the required needs.

Thus, we set off a new path in which, as usual, our clients are our priority.


Agrícola Pacific Tango / Chile has placed its trust in HERMISAN for the development of a new automated drip irrigation system. The project for the cultivation of Mandarin oranges on its farm, El Rosario, provides irrigation for a total area of more than 86 hectares.

The irrigation system developed consists of a pump system, sand filter, quick coupling connectors, pipe network, electric solenoid valves, and Nutricompact Fertigation system, all controlled with the Supra Automated System using Hermisan/Connect, which allows the system to be checked and managed remotely online. The irrigation system fulfils MOHT (Martínez Open Hydroponic Technology) crop management system requirements.


Agrícola Pacific Tango has diversified its agricultural production with a high focus on innovation and research, making a strong commitment to quality. Hermisan has become the company’s best ally in the search for solutions adapted to its customers, as well as the highest quality standards.


GRUPO BLANCASOL y HERMISAN hemos trabajado juntos en un nuevo proyecto de riego con una superficie total de más de 100 hectáreas para el cultivo de cítricos en la finca Palmito 7.

El sistema creado por Hermisan para el grupo Blancasol está diseñado para ajustarse a las necesidades específicas de la finca. Está compuesto por un Sistema de bombeo, Filtración de Anillas Automáticas, red de tuberías y electroválvulas controladas vía radio, y sistema de Fertirrigacion Nutricompact.

Todo el proyecto de riego instalado se controla mediante el Sistema Automatizado Supra, y con el sistema Hermisan/Connect, posibilita su consulta y gestión de modo remoto a través de la web. Todo ello bajo los requerimientos del sistema de gestión de cultivos MOHT (Martinez Open Hydroponic Technology).


Grupo Blancasol( www.blancasol.com)es un grupo con una tradición productora y exportadora de más de 35 años de experiencia en la región de Murcia, y con una filosofía empresarial que destaca por su pasión por la calidad, aportando de manera continuada ideas emprendedoras e innovadoras que le ayuden a conseguir su principal objetivo: un producto excelente.



At HERMISAN we believe that sharing our projects is the best way to explain the work we develop daily.

Furthermore, the clients that trust us for the technological development of their irrigation systems, are an example of high-end business management in the agricultural market, that motivates us to follow the path and demand of continuous improvement of our products.

That is why we present the project carried out together with VIVEROS CALIFORNIA, a company of the AGROMEDINA / INTERTERRA SAT group. The scope of action is the four continents and around 50 countries, either through their sales of fresh fruit or as breeders of different varieties of red fruits.

VIVEROS CALIFORNIA is one of the most prominent strawberry and raspberry plant nurseries in Europe. With more than four decades of continuous development of new products and techniques applied to the production of strawberry and raspberry, producing annually more than 100 million strawberry plants, in addition to various horticultural and cereals.

The project has been carried out in its Valdeduero Vivero (Valladolid). Where until now traditional irrigation and fertigation systems have been used for a plastic and outdoor surface of XXXX and xxxx HAS.

The company philosophy requires continuous technological improvement with the aim of producing the best strawberries in the market and on the dates when the market demands them, which is why a fruitful collaboration with HERMISAN has been established,  resulted in the implementation of a modern Advanced Fertigation Systems Nutricompact for the control of pH and CE, as well as the implementation of improvements in existing filtering systems and field network, all controlled by a Supra Automated System, in addition to one remote meteorological outdoor station, for the management and external control of the system.

The result has been spectacular and in keeping with the prestige and demand of a business organization such as AGROMEDINA.


Again, Peru, as part of our expansion strategy in South America, continues to be a fundamental enclave for the development and implementation of technified irrigation.

Agrícola Gamuco SAC, a citrus producing company with extensive experience in production and export markets, has relied on HERMISAN for the integrated Irrigation and Fertigation project of 35.41 hectares of citrus / tangerine crops in its Gamuco 4 farm, located in the city of Ica / Peru.

For the work we have installed an automatic suction and pumping system, automatic ring filtration, Nutricompact advanced fertilizer injection system, PVC pipe network, radio controlled field solenoid valves, drip irrigation system with self-compensating drippers, automation system Supra control with reading of Soil Moisture probes.

With this new project HERMISAN continues to consolidate its international expansion, making Peru a strategic country in an area, South America, key to our growth.

Riego em Murcia


Murcia is still a strategic area in the Spanish agricultural production that continues betting on the creation of new technified cultivation areas, which make Water Efficiency its strategic bet.

SAT AGRICULTURA Y EXPORTACION, agricultural company with a history of 3 generations, with a strong link to Murcia and specialists in the cultivation of pepper, is an example of commitment to the development of new crops and exceptional business management.

From Hermisan we have collaborated with the company in a new project of automation of irrigation, fertirrigation and climate control of 6 ha of peppers in the Palomares-Balsicas-Murcia area.

Specifically, the project has consisted on:

  • Rain  Collection System.
  • Irrigation: Automated Pumping System, Self-cleaning Ring Filtration, hydraulic network, field solenoid valves and drip irrigation system with self-compensating drippers.
  • Fertirrigation: Nutricompact Automated Fertigation System, for the injection of 4 fertilizers by EC control with proportions between the fertilizers, acid by pH control and phytosanitary injection.  So how, able to read the volume and Ce of the irrigation drainage.
  • Climate Control of the new greenhouse (6 new Has) with controlled temperature management, overhead ventilation, air recyclers, hot water heating control, both in its primary circuit and the secondary circuits of each greenhouse zone.

The final result has been the integration of all these processes with the existing Automated Supra Management System, with which AGRICULTURE AND EXPORTATION LOS TRIVIÑOS SL, reaches the figure of 45 hectares of soil cultivated with peppers on substrate, with the participation of Hermisan, SA as a technological partner in their development.


At HERMISAN we continue our growth in South America, a strategic area for the implementation of our technified irrigation solutions.

Peru is still a country where our activity grows continuously. We present a new project carried out with our Peruvian partner Agroindustrial SAC – Grupo Garibaldi in the district of Supe / Barraca.

For this we have carried out in a project of 100 hectares of existing Mandarinas, the implementation and installation of 2 Nutricompact Advanced Fertigation Systems under the requirements of the MOHT crop management system together with a new control of field electrovalves via radio, all managed under a Supra Automation System.

With this, our client Agroindustrial SAC-Garibaldi Group (WEB), is at the forefront of integrated production and management of export crops, with the best automated irrigation and fertirrigation control system.

Once again HERMISAN participates in an international project, with a high degree of innovation, strengthening our expansion in South America.