Communications Solutions

Our R & D team has applied the latest advances in communications to MERIDIAN and SUPRA controllers, allowing our customers remote access to them via 3G, Wi-Fi or Ethernet, and therefore manage their facilities remotely.

Total Control:

Using the data obtained and recorded by the corresponding probes inside and outside of your greenhouse, our computer will monitor and operate climate control devices such as heaters, CO2 injectors, nebulizer systems, solar screens, windows, fans, etc.

You can define different objectives for different periods and on certain days. You can divide the day into “control periods”, with different duration each, to meet the prevailing weather conditions at different times, and the different needs of the crop.


Values measured by the weather stations can be constantly displayed, observing the control that is being carried out at each moment, scheduling actions from that point and reviewing the past events through statistics.

Likewise for crops in open field, these programs allow to measure meteorological data, humidity and soil temperature, as well as activate programs “on demand”.

Remote Access:

HERMISAN solutions in remote communication allow total remote control over automatisms and entire farms from any mobile device, smartphone, tablet or mobile PC.

Total Control:

With HERMISAN connect and through internet, you will have total control over your automatisms, either from your PC or tablet: it allow to program, stop / turn on the system, see statistics, almost see everything that is happening on the farm.

If you also have installed Hermisan’s climate control, you´ll can also perform real-time queries on climate data readings, temperatures in your greenhouses, humidity, rain, and multiple other parameters.

It also has a system of warnings and alarms connected by a GSM modem, to inform of any situation, ph / CE alarms, maximum, minimum pressures, etc.