Edymaplant is a company devoted to vegetable production and improvement founded in 2016.Its facilities include a laboratory for in vitro production of plants and 5000m2 of greenhouses for the acclimatization of seedlings, plant production and the production of seed potatoes of grade PBTC.

Edymaplant uses high quality sowing materials thanks to its in vitro technology and an innovative system for the production of pre-basic seed potato. Tuber production is carried out by an aeroponic production model. Thus, production is environmentally sustainable. Click here to visit its website


The purpose of this project has been the supply and installation of an irrigation system for a greenhouse with fertirrigation and climate control comprised of irrigation by inverted micro-sprinklers for water application and “aeroponic” nutrients, a drainage collection system, deposits with nutritive solution per each cultivation area and an advanced Nutricompact fertirrigation system. Additionally, the system includes climate control to monitor overhead screens and a thermal screen, with indoors temperature and humidity reading and a complete outdoors meteorological station. All this is managed by means of the Supra Automatism.