Bio-Hortalizas Mauri has placed its trust in Hermisan to take a technological leap

Bio Hortalizas Mauri, HortalizasMauri.com, is a family business that is based in Palenzuela (Palencia), which was established in 1940, and now it is run by the 4th generation, which manages the production business of mainly Tomatoes, Peppers, courgettes and cucumbers, in greenhouses and outdoors.

Hermisan has designed and set up the irrigation automation equipment, the fertigation and the climate control systems in the greenhouses.
For the fertigation, following the recommendations of Hermisan, the customer chose a NUTRICOMPACT ® system to be able to fertilize with 4 different fertilizer solutions, and 1 special supply, which is all with pH and EC sensor readings and regulation, plus the possibility of increasing the EC.

Furthermore the Hermisan software favours the climate control of all the parameters of its greenhouses such as windows, heating, maintaining the temperature and moisture levels required by the crops at each stage of cultivation.

The powerful software will enable our customer to have all the information in real time at the farm and also remotely about the existing temperatures indoors and outdoors, it can check the irrigation flow, the fertilizers consumed and the values recorded by the soil sensors, which is all displayed and itemized in different graphs and lists.

From now on, Bio Hortalizas Mauri will be at the forefront of the vegetable producers of Castilla y León.