DEHESA ESPARTINAS High tech Avocado irrigation

The avocado is one of the most lucrative crops to boom. An avocado farm that wants to be competitive, cost-effective and sustainable needs the latest technical resources.

To be able to manage a large avocado plantation in the best way possible, the owners of the Dehesa de Espartinas farm in Cádiz have relied on HERMISAN to equip it with the most up-to-date high tech irrigation system.


The property has 498 net hectares of land, out of which, 44.5 hectares are used to grow avocados and it is located in the province of Cádiz/Spain. It has been equipped with a water tank that has an automatic water level indicator and it is filled automatically from the C.RR. (Irrigation Water Distribution Cooperative) of the Barbate Reservoir, from which an automatic pump system, controlled with speed variators, supplies fertilized water at a constant pressure through the network of pipes and solenoid irrigation valves. Furthermore, the crops can be watered and the Frost Monitoring system can be used by means of an automatic Screen filter system, with the proportional injection of fertilizer from 2 tanks controlling the pH and from 1 tank of Acid with EC readings, which together with an outdoor weather station and modern moisture and soil EC sensors, from the Wise Irrisystem company, favour efficient precision irrigation.

This is all controlled by the HERMISAN SupraControl app, which as well as controlling the whole system remotely, also manages the data about pressure and the power consumption of the irrigation pump motors, the fertilizer tank volumes and the FU (fertilization unit) statistics per plant used by the sector.