We are pleased to present our latest collaboration with Delassus, the Moroccan production and export company behind the well-known DUROC brand of cherry tomatoes, world-renowned.

Specifically, Hermisan has developed its collaboration through the implementation of integrated irrigation solutions, including irrigation, fertirrigation, climate control, and fogger / fogger systems for 2 Ha of tomato substrate production. The project includes water storage, pumping and automated filtration tanks, as well as a Nutricompact fertigation system for pH and EC control.

In addition, it has an irrigation system with self-compensating drippers with microtubes and pickaxe, the fogger / fogger system for the control of relative humidity, the automated control of the climate system, overhead windows, shading screens, reading and registration system statistics of indoor and outdoor climate data, all controlled from the Supra® Automatism of Hermisan and centralized control from its central office.

For Delassus, in addition to food safety and quality, innovation is also an important aspect, with its own research and development department that works in close collaboration with the main suppliers and partners, which, like Hermisan, contribute to obtaining of the maximum excellence in the quality of its products.