Our company has always contributed to the development of agriculture, and it has just launched a new irrigation project on the Hoya Hermosa farm, in Villena (Alicante).

It is a big 50 ha farm of ecologically grown almonds. A major challenge for an age-old cultivation in this region, which has been modernised in line with the natural character of the traditional crop, proving that it can be profitable if it is combined with up-to-date agricultural technology, which makes it efficient and sustainable at the same time.


Hermisan has used a few of the most outstanding advances of agricultural technology on this farm:
It is a subsurface drip irrigation system, which increases efficiency and requires less maintenance. It is highly suitable for the type of crop and the climate of this area.
The well that supplies the water to the whole farm and the irrigation reservoir where it is stored, has an automatic control and water level sensor.
It has an efficient automatic ring filter system, a system that automatically injects a precise amount of fertilizer in proportion to the volume of irrigation water required, a Complete Outdoor Weather Station, together with accurate soil moisture and EC sensors, which are all controlled by an Advanced SupraControl Automated System that opens the irrigation solenoid valves remotely via radio using 100% photovoltaic solar energy.



he outdoor weather station supplies the most accurate data about the weather in real time. The soil moisture and EC sensors provide data about the soil condition and about the needs of the plants. This information, which is included in and read by our Supracontrol app gives us an idea of the condition of the plants so that the fertigation system can be automatically and remotely operated with total precision. In this way the farmer can operate the irrigation system accurately at anytime, anywhere.



This water and resource saving system is complemented with the photovoltaic solar energy system that supplies 100% of the electricity required by the farm.

This is, undoubtedly, the way forward for modern, sustainable and cost-effective agriculture, and it makes an age-old crop like that of the almond tree, a prosperous business with a great future.