The Official Association of Agricultural Engineers in Levante (COIAL), by means of its Foundation for the Promotion of Agronomic Engineering, granted the Professional Excellence Award to Fernando Verdú, an Agricultural Engineer, whose work in the field of localized irrigation technology, developed in Hermisan, allowed to save millions of liters of water.

COIAL’s Dean highlighted that Fernando Verdú ‘Has been demonstrating for decades that each drop of water counts’ and added that ‘he is the best example we can give to demonstrate that we have the best engineers to manage water’.

Fernando Verdú began his career in the research centre Aula Dei in Zaragoza and when he was just 30 years old he set his first company. His hard work, technical initiative and innovative capacity defined his career. Nowadays, he manages a team made up of 60 people, from which ten are engineers.

Over its seven editions, these awards became a landmark for the agri-food sector. Agricultural engineers, businesspeople, employer’s representatives, sectorial organizations, public officers, political leaders, journalists and other agents of the industry met to hold the awards ceremony, and, of course, to measure the state of a key sector for the Valencian society and economy.