Specialists in production, packaging, marketing and industrialisation of citrus and their by-products, TANA SA, a family-run company established in Murcia in 1955, is at the forefront in the Spanish citrus sector.

Now run by the third generation, it has grown knowing all the phases of the production process and has conveyed its bond and respect for the field by engaging in organic farming and applying this philosophy to all its procedures and company values. Nowadays, this family-run company remains an independent company with a constant organic growth.

The project entrusted to Hermisan consists in the supply and installation of a fertigation improvement project, through the installation, in La Tánica farm in Murcia, of two sets of Nutricompact Advanced Nutrition for the injection of three fertilisers and an acid for the control of fertigation and pH. The whole system is controlled by the Supra Automation System which includes a full exterior weather station and Internet remote connection.

With a quality system, certified under the most demanding standards, TANA SA regulates each step of the production process, from growing to the final packaging. The rigorous honesty of their product endorses their projects with large supply chains throughout Europe, and in new markets such as North America and the East.