Azerbaijan is one of the countries that has had the most sustainable and promising developments in the last few years, with an agricultural sector that is proving itself to be one of the most active and innovative in the whole of its geographical area.

In this context the company GREENTECHhttps://www.greentech.az, is distinguished for being one of the most advanced of the sector, obtaining top quality horticultural crops, thanks to its greenhouse cultivation that is highly technical and extremely efficient. It successfully produces for the local market and for exports: different varieties of tomatoes, egg plants, peppers, melons, etc. which have the highest food safety and quality standards.

GREENTECH is also well-known for its work in nurseries and seedbeds, an area where technology is even more important, if this is possible, due to the delicacy of the plants and the seedlings that need extreme care.

That is why, when searching the world, GREENTECH has counted on HERMISAN to be a technological partner that it can rely on. Its new nurseries have been equipped with the HERMISAN BOOM SPRAYERS, which, with its own technology, supply the irrigation and the nutrients evenly and accurately, so that millions of seedlings can grow there and become healthy and productive plants.

The HERMISAN BOOM SPRAYERS set up by GREENTECH are the most advanced and efficient on the market, they guarantee the optimum use of water and other resources and they make crop management and control easier by means of their touch-screen programmers.

Companies like GREENTECH, all around the world, trust in HERMISAN to incorporate the most appropriate fertigation systems for their crops. The result of this alliance is the development of communities and countries that see agricultural technology as the real driving force to create wealth and a future.