Hermisan increases its involvement in the work for agricultural irrigation and the irrigators’ community

Hermisan in progress

Hermisan continues its expansion in the field of the engineering to supply water for agricultural irrigation to the irrigators’ communities, by coming up with an all-in-one solution with which each irrigator or group of irrigators has an installed mains water connection that has specific characteristics in each case, in order to supply specific pressure levels, filtering, etc.

At the moment Hermisan is at the start of the project execution stage and it has already undertaken a few tasks which include:

    • The improvement and the consolidation of the water management infrastructures in the Torre del Obispo irrigators’ community, in the municipal district of Rus and Úbeda (Jaén)

      The “Torre del Obispo” Irrigators’ Community currently has an area of about 1,140 h of olive groves to irrigate and it is made up of 1536 cadastral land plots, 1360 of which belong to the municipal district of Rus and 176 to the municipal district of Úbeda. The objective of this undertaking is to set up an irrigation pipeline from the catchment in the Giribaile Reservoir to the Torre del Obispo Irrigation Pond with 2600 metres of Ductile Iron Pipe Diameter 400 mm for a volume of 240 l, that is to say, supply it and set it up, with all the accessories, inlet chambers, valves and civil engineering work involved.

    • Supply and install the materials to modernise the irrigation system of the Acequia Real del Júcar irrigators’ community (Valencia), sectors 7, 18 and 19. UTE Binaria-Tecmo.

      Install 420 multiuser irrigation hydrants, with a total of 2560 inlets made up of a valve, meter and a solenoid valve, as well as setting up pump units, motorized valves, filters and fertilizer systems in the 6 Irrigation Heads.

  • Consolidation and modernisation work on the irrigated land – stage 3 Campos Arcis irrigators’ community (Valencia)

    Installation of the two 132 kW photovoltaic systems to pump the well water and microbubble aerator equipment in the main irrigation pond, the remote control of the filling flow of the main irrigation pond, the extension of the irrigation system and the use the volume of water that cleans the automatic irrigation head filters.

HERMISAN guarantees that it can take care of any type of infrastructure required for a project for irrigators’ communities.