Hermisan the new member of the UCAM Business Club

Hermisan collaborates with the UCAM and it is the new sponsor of the UCAM Murcia C.F. We are with the team to accompany it in its promising future.

HERMISAN has always worked closely with the University, because talent and innovation come out of itwhich are the future guarantee for our company and for all of society. Supporting and inspiring those who stand out for their hard work and their merit at university, is an obligation that we have assumed.

Hermisan works closely with the UCAM (Universidad Católica de Murcia), because this institution and in general, the city and the Region of Murcia, has always been very attached to this company, due to its tradition and commitment to the most advanced agriculture.

We have launched a work experience programme for the students of this university, so that the most exceptional students can take part in the activity of a leading company in the agricultural technology sector. This is how the students acquire valuable experience that will be useful to them in the future.

Hermisan is a member of the UCAM Business Club, an institution through which many companies cooperate with the University and form relationships between them, promoting networks to share ideas, innovation and projects that the whole community will benefit from.



It is part of our business philosophy to support those who make an effort and achieve outstanding accomplishments, both in the company and in all aspects of life.

People and teams also excel in sport, and from modest positions, they rise to prominence.

The UCAM Murcia C.F. team is acquiring a brilliant track record in Spanish football, which deserves all our praise, and to demonstrate our support, we have funded this team. As the new member of the UCAM Business Club, Hermisan has sponsored the presentation of Caro, who is the new player of UCAM Murcia.



This season, HERMISAN has signed an agreement with UCAM Murcia C.F. to be its sponsor.

We will support the team so that it can carry on with its promising career and continue to give us days of excitement and triumph.

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