Improvements in the irrigation systems for seed production

Irrigation in greenhouses for seed production in Arica is an essential practice due to the weather conditions and the type of crops that are grown in the region.

Arica, known as the “city of eternal spring”, has a coastal desert climate, which means that water management is crucial for the agriculture.

The production of seeds in greenhouses is a viable and efficient strategy to maximize the quality and the yield of the crops, and it optimizes the use of the resources available in this desert region.

Hermisan Chile continues its recent development and expansion, proof of this being, the design, supply and the setting up of 2 automatic pump and filter systems.

The improved facilities located in the Arica add

  • Sand and mesh filters
  • A variable frequency drive
  • It improves the whole suction system and the connection to the existing irrigation system

This means that it can have pressurized and filtered water on demand.

The Arica area in Chile has a coastal desert climate and the development of intensive farming has used irrigation technology projects for its crops for years.

Furthermore, different multinational companies that specialise in the production of seeds have chosen this area to set up their development centres, which given its specific climate, enables them to research into and develop new varieties that can withstand the extreme weather conditions here, through the optimum use of the resources that are available in this desert region and of course, the water.

Hermisan Chile is involved in this development, proof of this being, the improvements that have been made to the irrigation systems by setting up new pump systems using variable frequency drives, sand and mesh filters, etc.

The objective of Hermisan Chile is clear: contribute to the development of the Chilean agricultural sector by supplying technology that enhances efficiency and sustainability. So, not only does it strive to improve agricultural production, but also help farmers adopt more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.