Inauguration of the new nursery facilities of CAMPOEJIDO in Dalías

Campoejido, https://campoejido.es, was set up in 1979 as a Farmers’ Unión from the countryside of Almeria to meet the needs of the farmers. And with this new facility, the existing capacity is doubled, a new surface area of 30,000 metres will be used to grow conventional and ecological products, the facilities are equipped with the latest technology and it has a capacity for 11.5 million plants in the star crop of the area, which is the pepper.

More than 300 people went to the event, farmers, social and political figures; including the mayors of Adra, Berja, El Ejido and Dalías, along with the counsellor of Agriculture, Fisheries, Water, and Rural Development, Carmen Crespo.

The president of Campoejido, pointed out that “its three new hectares of land are an example in innovation and a commitment to organic farming, with 8000 metres exclusively set aside for it“, he highlighted the latest technology that HERMISAN has designed and set up with regard to irrigation systems for nurseries with its sophisticated Boom Irrigation Systems.

HERMISAN has designed innovative facilities on all levels, using the latest technology when it comes to Boom Irrigation Systems and automated control from a remote control touch screen programmer, which puts Campoejido at the forefront of technological progress with constant growth in its production and development area.