A major step in the global expansion of HERMISAN is our activities in Latin America. SIts growing agricultural production is acquiring great importance in world food production and out of all the Latin American countries, Peru is distinguished for its dynamism and initiative. 

Precisely in Peru, HERMISAN has just finished setting up a complete technified irrigation project for the company INTERANDINA that has developed a large vineyard on a total of 115 ha at the Fundo El Alto estate, which uses drip irrigation.

This large area has been totally equipped with the latest systems that HERMISAN currently supplies, which includes an automatic pump system, automatic screen filters, precision fertirrigation with the Nutricompact system, a radio-controlled network of pipes and solenoid valves and an outdoor weather station that supplies the information in real time. This is all controlled automatically and run by the remote control system SupraControl from HERMISAN.

INTERANDINA, like many other companies all over the world, has trusted in the experience, the technology and the know-how of HERMISAN. We are certain that it will be a successful company, which will contribute to the prosperity of the country and we are proud to have been able to take part and make a substantial contribution to this great venture.