International Avocado Seminar 2022


At Hermisan, we still believe in taking part in the best events of the food and agriculture sector of the country and soon we will be going to the international avocado seminar that will be held at the Hotel Silken Al-Andalus Palace, Seville, on the 9th of June, which we also sponsor.

The needs identified by all the countries to improve the technical, productive and commercial level of such an important international sector as that of avocados will be focused on at the seminar.

It is a great opportunity to follow up on the significant influence that the climate has on the production and sustainability of avocados, along with the importance of the irrigation systems in intensive and high production farms.

There will also be time to discuss the current situation of the avocado, the production and the sustainability of the crop, which is essential for a successful, blooming, established project, the trends of the sector, its nutritional management, its physiology and biostimulation.

In short, a very interesting event, one that is highly valuable and promotes the improvement, the sustainable evolution and the high returns of the sector.


If you would like to go to the seminar you can register by clicking on the following link: