Hermisan gives a new impulse to its already strong presence in the American continent and does so with a reference project in the areas of technological, economic and social development.

Hermisan, S.A., through its delegation in Panama, Irrigation and Drainage Systems, S.A. / SDR, and as part of the Irrigation Consortium of Panama, was awarded the “Project for Irrigation and Drainage of Rio Sereno, District of Renaissance, Province of Chiriqui”, by MIDA (Ministry of Agricultural Development – Government of the Republic of Panama ), valued at 9,010,524.73. USD.

This project will allow producers in the area of ​​Monte Lirio and Río Sereno, Renacimiento district, province of Chiriquí, Republic of Panama, to have pressurized water during all months of the year, enabling the economic and social development of the area, and at the same time promoting the transfer of technology on knowledge and improvement of water application systems, as well as changes in cultivation patterns in order to optimize the available water resources.

With respect to the human factor, the Project will entail a great social dynamism for the area, incorporating a Training Program in new agricultural productions, commercialization and new technologies in charge of the Consortium Riegos de Panamá, of which Hermisan, S.A. forms part. The facility will also have a post-harvest processing plant for the proper storage and packaging of agricultural production.

Currently the project is in full development, and at this moment the works of intakes, sand cleaning filters, main, secondary, tertiary pipelines, control valves and localized irrigation are being executed, as well as improvements of the access roads and drainages of the area, all this for agricultural production such as tomatoes, paprika, coffee, beans, plantains and tubers.