In HERMISAN we are pleased to present the installation we have made for INTERSEMILLAS in its R + D + I center in Quart de Poblet – Valencia.

INTERSEMILLAS is a young and dynamic company, but with a tradition in the agricultural world and that is oriented to a single purpose, to make more efficient and productive the work of its customers by offering seeds highly resistant to diseases and pests, advising them with a large team of technicians and specialists.

In a market characterized by great changes, high costs of competitiveness and high technological concentration, INTERSEMILLAS is consolidated as one of the first seed companies in the Spanish market. It is characterized by being a 100% Spanish company with headquarters in Valencia and 9 delegations distributed throughout the Spanish territory.

For the new and modern facilities of its research center, INTERSEMILLAS has opted for the HERMISAN technology. The project executed by HERMISAN consists of a complete installation for hydroponic irrigation, with equipment irrigation, fertirrigation and climate management system. The fertirrigation is carried out with our NUTRICOMPACT® system, which allows fertilization on demand according to the desired pH and EC.

The entire irrigation system (pumping, sector valves), fertigation and climate (opening / closing of windows, thermal screens, running / stopping heating) is governed from the SUPRA unit.