Civil engineering and infrastructures

Hermisan has efficiently designed and implemented a large number of national and international projects, both for the Public and the Private sectors. This large-scale engineering work requires a great deal of resources, innovation, technology, quality and service.

Integrated solutions

A separate management process for each of the irrigators is required to run the water supply systems for the irrigation communities, although they are all incorporated into the overall control of the water supply network.

Hermisan supplies an all-in-one solution that provides each irrigator or group of irrigators with an installed mains water connection that has specific characteristics in each case, in order to supply specific pressure levels, filtering, etc.

Self-contained electronic system to manage the irrigator communities

The irrigator communities that install large hydraulic structures for communal use need a highly efficient management system, which can be automated using a self-contained electronic system so that all the systems set up in the intakes can be networked and also linked to the main unit that runs the operations of the whole setup and those of all the water connections at all times.

In this way the statistics are stored on a regular basis, the consumption is invoiced and all the working conditions of each community are monitored, so that irrigation can be scheduled, the land can be subdivided, the maximum flow rates can be controlled and damage, alarms, leaks, etc. can be prevented.


The Spanish State, through the Ministry of Economy and Finance establishes a classification that enables contractors to work with the public authorities. Having these classifications guarantees the technical and professional solvency of a civil engineering company.

HERMISAN has the following classifications:
– Clearing and pouring
– Hydraulic structures for irrigation and drainage
– Hydraulic structures for river-bank and channel protection
– Hydraulic structures that are not specifically classified
– Low voltage power distribution systems
– Telecommunications and radio-electronic facilities
– Electronic facilities
– Electrical systems that are not specifically classified

Whatever the type of civil engineering infrastructure that your project requires, HERMISAN can supply it with a full warranty.