Irrigator community solutions, civil engineering and infrastructures


Hermisan has designed and executed a large number of national and international projects with the utmost efficiency, for the Public and Private sectors. Innovation, Quality, Technology, Quality and Service are the values that have contributed to the non-stop growth of the company ever since it was first set up.


The water supply control systems for irrigation communities require a separate management process for each of the irrigators, which are incorporated into the overall monitoring of the network.

Hermisan supplies an integrated solution with which each irrigator or group of irrigators has a mains water connection installed, which has specific characteristics in each case, in order to supply specific pressure levels, filter levels, etc.


This water connection can be automated using a self-contained electronic system so that all the systems set up in the intakes can be interconnected and also connected to the main unit that controls the operations of the whole setup and all of the water connections at any given time.

In this way data about statistics, water bills and the inspections of all the working conditions is stored regularly for those that each community is designed for, to therefore organise irrigation scheduling, sectoring, the control of maximum flow rates and the prevention of damage, alarms, leaks, etc…