Murcia is still a strategic area in the Spanish agricultural production that continues betting on the creation of new technified cultivation areas, which make Water Efficiency its strategic bet.

SAT AGRICULTURA Y EXPORTACION, agricultural company with a history of 3 generations, with a strong link to Murcia and specialists in the cultivation of pepper, is an example of commitment to the development of new crops and exceptional business management.

From Hermisan we have collaborated with the company in a new project of automation of irrigation, fertirrigation and climate control of 6 ha of peppers in the Palomares-Balsicas-Murcia area.

Specifically, the project has consisted on:

  • Rain  Collection System.
  • Irrigation: Automated Pumping System, Self-cleaning Ring Filtration, hydraulic network, field solenoid valves and drip irrigation system with self-compensating drippers.
  • Fertirrigation: Nutricompact Automated Fertigation System, for the injection of 4 fertilizers by EC control with proportions between the fertilizers, acid by pH control and phytosanitary injection.  So how, able to read the volume and Ce of the irrigation drainage.
  • Climate Control of the new greenhouse (6 new Has) with controlled temperature management, overhead ventilation, air recyclers, hot water heating control, both in its primary circuit and the secondary circuits of each greenhouse zone.

The final result has been the integration of all these processes with the existing Automated Supra Management System, with which AGRICULTURE AND EXPORTATION LOS TRIVIÑOS SL, reaches the figure of 45 hectares of soil cultivated with peppers on substrate, with the participation of Hermisan, SA as a technological partner in their development.