SCIENTIFICALLY ADVANCED: Allows the colligative nutrition of plants. ECONOMICALLY ADVANCED: Allows maximum efficiency in the application of nutritive elements.
ADVANCED ECOLOGICALLY: It avoids the high concentration of nutrients and its acidification in the injection of the nutritive solution.


  • Compact structure made of stainless steel.
  • It is managed from a SUPRA or MERIDIAN controller.
  • Simultaneous injection of up to 10 fertilizers and 1 acid solution according to different criteria.
  • Electromagnetic electropumps.
  • Fertilization valves.
  • Pressurization columns (EC control model).
  • Electronic flow counters (injection proportional to the volume of irrigation).
  • Mixing tank at atmospheric pressure of the nutrient solution.
  • Main injection pump.
  • Phytosanitary / agrochemical injection.
  • Double pH and EC probe.
  • Different versions depending on the different needs of the crop.