Hermisan attended to FRUIT ATTRACTION 2020, the major fair of the agri-food industry, held in Madrid last October, online this year.

In this 2020 edition, FRUIT ATTRACTION introduced the «InnovationHub Awards 2020» award which recognizes and boosts research and innovation in the industry, and we are pleased to inform that Hermisan has been nominated as a finalist of the «InnovationHub Awards 2020» for our SupraControl irrigation, fertirrigation and climate management software.

Our mission has always been helping farmers and turning their farming businesses more efficient, sustainable and profitable. Over our 40 years of career, we have always been at the forefront of technology applied to agriculture. For that reason, we have applied the vast opportunities offered by modern telecommunications to farming business management. Thus, the SupraControl application was launched, a high-level software which allows knowing and managing the condition of irrigation, fertirrigation and climate control, being able to manage efficiently and dynamically the operation of all the devices in an irrigation and fertirrigation system. Additionally, our SupraControl system allows getting advanced statistics for fertilizer application and its elements per Ha/plant, knowing on a real-time basis the consumption of irrigation engines, etc… And all this performed remotely, from any place and by using any kind of device (computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.).

SupraControl is an advanced tool which makes the farmer’s life easier and is helpful for your company’s efficiency and profitability. For that reason, it has been recognized by «InovationHub Awards 2020» as a finalist product, a distinction which makes us proud.