With the third revolution 3.0 of agriculture now over, which was the introduction of the drip irrigation and the automatic irrigation, we currently have Agriculture 4.0 that includes the introduction of methods used to determine what is going on beneath the ground, to interpret each situation and make coherent decisions accordingly.

This change is the result of the need to use water sources, energy sources and fertilizers efficiently so that we can optimize production and the quality of it.

Hermisan, S.A. with more than 40 years’ of experience in designing, supplying and setting up technified irrigation projects, and the company Wise Irrisystem S.L., which was established in 2010 to attain precision irrigation, are now working together to measure the amount of water that is available for the plant at any time, interpret the data obtained and then make decisions for optimum plant management.

To this end Hermisan will implement the most advanced solutions to run the irrigation system and Wise Irrisystem S.L will supply consolidated solutions to make it as efficient as possible.

Our objective is to calculate the amount of water that is available for the plant at all times and interpret it, to make the decisions that ensure ideal water management.

To this end Hermisan will implement the most advanced solutions to run the irrigation system and to make it as efficient as possible.

On this basis we have a system that measures and interprets data, to obtain the following objectives:

Avoid stressing the plant unnecessarily, thus saving energy, which results in a better quality and production.

Substantially reduce the consumption of water and fertilizer.

Reduce the amount of phytosanitary treatment used by having a “healthier” plant.

Increase the profitability of the crop, which also makes it more environmentally sustainable.

Stage 1

Supply sensors to measure the moisture in the ground, which includes displaying these recordings and statistics via an app and/or website, as well as on the Hermisan irrigation computer to record and display this data.

Stage 2

Analyse the soil to ESTABLISH THE SOIL MOISTURE RETENTION CURVE IN EACH SPECIFIC AREA and interpret the data obtained from the measurements. The Results are what we call the “Soil Moisture Retention Curve.”


This “Moisture Retention Curve” is established on the point (or points) that are monitored, which are defined as being significant for the homogeneous soil profiles of the project.

Stage 3

  1. Detect anomalies early on by means of continued monitoring to detect and inform users about the following events:
    • Disconnection due to lack of coverage.
    • Inaccurate reading of a sensor.
  2. Interpretation of the readings and monitoring the irrigation system with suggestions on how to correct it.
  3. Analysis of the client’s irrigation system twice a week based on the photos taken of the trial pits of the soil, which are compared with the graphs.
  4. Regular consultations.
  5. Incident management.

Precision irrigation

The information about this new system, its recordings and statistics are incorporated into the Hermisan SUPRACONTROL hydrocomputer.


The possibility of attaining precision irrigation, based on the data about the condition of the soil and the plant, together with the versatility and the convenience of SUPRACONTROL, gives farmers an exceptional tool to make their work easier and more profitable.