In recent dates the corresponding work has been delivered to the Project for the Automated Control of Irrigation and Fertigation for Agriculture Llahuen, S.A. / Fundo La Esperanza.

Agrícola Llahuén is a Chilean company with 39 years of experience and expertise in the propagation of strawberry plants, founded in 1972. With more than 200 hectares of nurseries and a production of more than 100 million plants per year, the farm of Llahuén is currently the second largest fruit tree farm in the world, being the largest in the South American cone, of which 40% are exported to several countries in South America and Europe.

More information at: www.llahuen.com

The Project carried out by Hermisan S.A., includes the supply and installation of a complete system of impulse, re-impulsion, automatic sand and mesh filtration, Nutricompact Fertigation equipment, pvc general / secondary /tertiary piping network, control of solenoid valves via radio and localized drip system, for 54.50 hectares of mandarin culture under the MOHT ® system (Martinez Open Hydroponic Technology), in addition to the installation and automated control of irrigation and fertirrigation of 2 existing farms through the installation of 2 new Nutricompact Systems, all managed by a Supra automatism.