International expansion continues to be a fundamental axis in the growth of HERMISAN S.A., and North Africa and specifically Algeria, is an essential part of our growth.

We present the project carried out by the delegation HERMISAN ALGERIE in Ain Oussara, a town located in the province of Djelfa / Algeria.

Together with our Algerian client TALAGRO, we have worked on the creation of 92.59 hectares of intensive Almond trees cultivation, incorporating the following Systems into the project:

  • Automated pumping system with submerged electric pump controlled by frequency inverter.
  • Automatic Ring Filtering.
  • Nutrivent Fertilizer injection system with incorporated agrochemical injection Supra automatism system.
  • Outdoor meteorological complete station for  reading of temperature, humidity, solar radiation, wind speed&direction and pluvimeter.
  • Hydraulic network of field PVC pipes controlled by electrovalves via Radio.
  • Drip irrigation remote connection via router.

Once again we have collaborated in a leading project in which HERMISAN continues to demonstrate its capacity to undertake the largest international irrigation projects, with the greatest success.