The demand for nuts and more specifically pistachios is increasing due to their nutritional properties and their high plant protein content. For this reason and thanks to the favourable soil and climate conditions in Spain, the number of pistachio nut plantations is increasing and now more than 55,000 hectares of land is used to grow them. As a result, Spain is expected to be able to cover the European upturn in the demand for this nut and become one of the leading countries that grow and export it.

At present Hermisan is strongly committed to this nut and in the last few years it has set up + 400 ha of irrigation technology projects to grow pistachios in Castilla y León in collaboration with the company PISTACYL that has been the promoter of this crop in this autonomous community, and it started an R+D project in 2009 to adapt it.

The PISTACYL GROUP is now the biggest pistachio nut producer of the Community of Castilla y León, it pioneered the marketing and sale of natural pistachio nuts and it is a benchmark in giving specialised advice on this crop. Thanks to its experience and research into the pistachio nut, it provides an all-round and highly specialised service in the cultivation of this nut, which includes actually planting the tree, the advice on the variety and the pistachio nut production process, the upkeep of the plantation and harvesting the crop.

Once again, Hermisan takes part in the development and the modernisation of high added value crops with advanced technology in irrigation, fertigation control, agronomic efficiency and optimisation, as part of its on-going commitment to satisfy the requirements of our customers, using our experience of more than 40 years.

Hermisan has always strived to anticipate the needs of its customers, by foreseeing the changes and the innovations in the agricultural sector and by coming up with technical solutions for the new requirements, which is why it is focusing on the cultivation of pistachio nuts.