Fertigation Solutions

Hermisan carries out Fertigation Projects that integrate the most advanced technology for the dosage of fertilizers and other phytosanitary products, and that allow our clients an optimal fertigation.


Nutricompact is the only fertilizer injection system capable of avoiding and overcoming the problems of these traditional injection systems.


  • Compact stainless steel structure Your program of operation from the SUPRA or MERIDIAN controllers.
  • Simultaneous injection of up to 10 fertilizer solutions and 1 acid solution, according to several criteria:
  • Magnetic pumps
  • Fertilizer electrovalves
  • Columns (EC control model).
  • Electronic fertilizer flow meters (injection proportional to the irrigation volume model).
  • Mixing tank of the fertilizer solution.
  • Fertigation pump
  • Injection of phytosanitary products proportionally to irrigation water.
  • Line of versions according to objectives, precision, flow, etc.
  • Double pH and EC probes.


Injection of fertilizers through the Venturi system. It is controlled from a Fertiriego Meridian or Supra programmer.


  • Simultaneous injection of up to 4 types of fertilizer solutions and 1 acid.
  • 1 pH probe and 1 CE probe (with Dual Probe Option).
  • Venturi injectors, incorporates the fertilizer and acid solutions by suction to the irrigation pipe.
  • Solenoid valves that produce the opening and closing pulses to maintain the desired nutritional formula.
  • Subscriber pump that injects the nutrient solution to the main line

Special Versions:

Hermisan, together with its clients, analyzes the characteristics and needs of each project, proposing solutions adjusted to each case.