Fruitcourt LLC, a recently created company, has started its activity with a plantation of 50Ha of fruit trees such as khakis, nectarines, flat peaches and peaches for export located in the area of Khachmaz, a town located in Azerbaijan.


Hermisan continues to work with clients at a national and international level, consolidating its brand all over the world and capturing new markets thus helping with its growth.


To that purpose, Hermisan has undertaken the supply and installation of an irrigation and fertirrigation project made up of an automated pumping system with a frequency converter and progressive starters, automatic ring filtering and fertirrigation, for the simultaneous injection of up to 3 fertiliser tanks to 2 independent irrigation networks, a network of radio-controlled field electrovalves and all of that controlled by a MERIDIAN Automation System, which has a Full Exterior Weather Station and Internet remote connection.


Thanks to this, FruitCourt LLC is at the forefront of mechanisation and efficiency in its fertirrigation and culture control systems.