RijkZwaan Ibérica is a subsidiary of RijkZwaan, an international company devoted to the research and sale of horticultural seeds with registered office in the Netherlands, currently positioned among the 5 leading companies of horticultural seeds worldwide.

It has recently opened in the CED La Palma (Murcia) some new outdoors facilities which will allow the production of different crops during the whole year in Mediterranean weather conditions. Additionally, it has some new greenhouses for hydroponics crops to carry out tests to analyze the performance, agronomic improvements of new tools and systems for farmers as well as to experiment new farming techniques.

The project entrusted to Hermisan consists of the supply and installation of an irrigation, fertigation and climate control project for outdoor crops and hydroponics in a greenhouse, with water recirculation and an advanced Nutricompact fertigation equipment, controlled with the Supra Hydrocomputer, remote connection and a Full Outdoors Meteorological Station.

These facilities will be used to perform tests in order to analyze the cost of crops and generate a technical knowledge to be a groundbreaking company in the sector against producers.