Agrícola Pacific Tango / Chile has placed its trust in HERMISAN for the development of a new automated drip irrigation system. The project for the cultivation of Mandarin oranges on its farm, El Rosario, provides irrigation for a total area of more than 86 hectares.

The irrigation system developed consists of a pump system, sand filter, quick coupling connectors, pipe network, electric solenoid valves, and Nutricompact Fertigation system, all controlled with the Supra Automated System using Hermisan/Connect, which allows the system to be checked and managed remotely online. The irrigation system fulfils MOHT (Martínez Open Hydroponic Technology) crop management system requirements.


Agrícola Pacific Tango has diversified its agricultural production with a high focus on innovation and research, making a strong commitment to quality. Hermisan has become the company’s best ally in the search for solutions adapted to its customers, as well as the highest quality standards.