In this project, Hermisan has accompanied the farmer from the beginning, for the project’s agronomic conception, the plantation’s transformation as well as the final implementation of an irrigation and automation system.

The plantation, located in the area of la Ribera Alta, works under criteria of MOHT culture management (Martinez Open Hydroponic Technology).

Irrigation is carried out by means of direct pumping taking water at a depth of 80 m, irrigating the 13 ha simultaneously. The slopes and unevenness due to the different existing heights in the various areas of the plantation make this project singular, due to the technical complexity to execute it.

In spite of having a height difference of over 50 m, the uniformity coefficient is excellent.

The fully automated irrigation system includes an advanced Nutricompact ® fertirrigation system, a full exterior weather station that allows irrigation by probe activations and is governed by a SUPRA® Control System, which allows remote Internet access to the head.