Peru continues to be a strategic place for HERMISAN for the development and implementation of all our technified irrigation solutions.

On this occasion we present a new project that we are carrying out together with the dynamic and innovative fruit and vegetable company “FUNDO LA CANTERA SAC”.

The company, with a strong innovative vocation, has opted for technological development in its expansion process with a project that foresees in the short term the production of up to 200 ha of Mandarinas (tangerine) under the MOHT system (Martinez Open Hydroponic Technology) in the area of Cañete, Peru.

The first phase has already been completed with 100 ha. The complete irrigation and automation project consists of an elevation from the reservoir R2 to a regulating reservoir called R3, through a reboiler installed in the irrigation head where it is counted, as well as the execution of the automated irrigation control center, fertigation and climate, through the installation of 1 Complete Outdoor Meteorological Station, Automatic Filtration of Sand and Rings, Nutricompact Advanced Fertigation System and Supra Control Hydrocomputer, as well as the entire hydraulic network of general, secondary and tertiary PVC pipes, control and control drip irrigation solenoid valves.

Once again HERMISAN participates in an international project with a high degree of innovation, consolidating our expansion in South America.