Our client El Plantel Semilleros (seed farms), has recently inaugurated a new production center in the town of Los Llanos del Caudillo, in Ciudad Real. With this incorporation, there are already 6 centers of production and distribution of all types of seedlings, grafts, etc., and adding a total of more than 18 hectares of production.

This new center is added to the existing ones of Vicar, Nijar, La Mojonera, Dalías and San Agustín. The company has trust again with Hermisan S.A. as its strategic partner and technology partner in the design, supply and installation of the automated irrigation, fertirrigation and operation climate systems. In particular, the installation includes: a pumping system, filtering, a Nutricompact fertigation system, irrigation trains, a meteorological station, climatic sensors and a complete control / management software.

To highlight in this project are IRRIGATION TRAINS supplied, which will allow the Plant to control the entire productive process of its operation in an efficient, comfortable and safe way.

The HERMISAN Irrigation Trains are ideal for optimal irrigation and fertigation programming. Its automation is carried out with a MERIDIAN programmer, which allows to control the entire productive process in these crops in a unified and remote way, from a PC.

Hermisan reaffirms its role as a 360º supplier in AGRICULTURAL TECHNOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS, with this turnkey project that is a source of satisfaction for us and above all, for our client and his renewed confidence.

More information at: www.elplantelsemilleros.com