Semillero Los Crespos, a company which has being offering farmers top quality horticultural and ornamental plants since 1991, is located in Adra (Almería).  They are mainly devoted to the production of pepper, grafted watermelon and Christmas melon plants and, to a lesser extent, cucumber, aubergine and tomato.  When the production of pepper ends, poinsettias are grown for Christmas.

With a 50,000 m² facility, its production of saplings in the 2018 campaign exceeded the 25 million of plants.

The purpose of this project has been the supply and installation of a new irrigation area, 4 irrigation booms which are 230m long and 10.2m wide, with a double irrigation stainless-steel bar, nozzles located every 50cm, articulated nozzles for a second watering and manual valves to separate the right side from the left side and nozzles for a second watering for the right and left sides. Additionally, it has an automated remote control from a tactile screen as well as a selection of 2 balances of fertilization or clean water.

And all this taking into account the additional difficulty of having a 5m unevenness between the central part of the greenhouse and its sides. Nevertheless, a totally uniform and versatile irrigation system has been achieved, so Los Crespos Seedbed continues in the forefront of technological advances with a continuous growth of its production and development area.