Irrigation Trains

Hermisan designs, manufactures and installs irrigation trains and irrigation carts that allow a perfect distribution of irrigation and fertirrigation in the industrial production of plants.

State-of-the-art technology

  • Movement of trains is carried out by 2 aluminum rails under which it is suspended, featuring a product of greater robustness and durability by avoiding vibrations and damage to the structure.
  • All supports and fittings have been previously treated to withstand the climatic conditions of the seedbeds.
  • It allows the programming of up to 8 speeds for the displacement of the train, with starts and soft stops by motorized gearboxes with variable speed drives.
  • You can select the different zones to be irrigated or fertilized inside each line of trays, excluding the passage ways.
  • In each irrigation area you can choose if water or fertilizer is used, as well as the possibility of draining the previously applied solution and that is still present in the pipes, before starting a new irrigation or fertilization.