EUROSEMILLAS is a leading company and reference in the agroindustrial sector, with a strong component in Innovation and R & D, and, among others, dedicated to the research, development and production of plants.

At HERMISAN we are pleased to present our collaboration with Eurosemillas in the form of the realization of an extensive citrus production project for the TANGO variety, under the MOHT® parameters. Specifically, for this first phase, the first 218.89 hectares of the total project have been installed in the “El Oidor” farm, composed of 4 irrigation heads and automated control, irrigation and reading systems of the external climate station, system of Nutricompact fertirrigation under parameters MOHT® (Martinez Open Hydroponic Technology), network of tertiary, secondary and electrovalve pipes, with drip irrigation system. All this reinforced with the installation of a HERMISAN communication system and centralized through wifi, alarm management system with SMS, and a long list of technological advances that will place this project as a leader in the sector.