At HERMISAN we believe that sharing our projects is the best way to explain the work we develop daily.

Furthermore, the clients that trust us for the technological development of their irrigation systems, are an example of high-end business management in the agricultural market, that motivates us to follow the path and demand of continuous improvement of our products.

That is why we present the project carried out together with VIVEROS CALIFORNIA, a company of the AGROMEDINA / INTERTERRA SAT group. The scope of action is the four continents and around 50 countries, either through their sales of fresh fruit or as breeders of different varieties of red fruits.

VIVEROS CALIFORNIA is one of the most prominent strawberry and raspberry plant nurseries in Europe. With more than four decades of continuous development of new products and techniques applied to the production of strawberry and raspberry, producing annually more than 100 million strawberry plants, in addition to various horticultural and cereals.

The project has been carried out in its Valdeduero Vivero (Valladolid). Where until now traditional irrigation and fertigation systems have been used for a plastic and outdoor surface of XXXX and xxxx HAS.

The company philosophy requires continuous technological improvement with the aim of producing the best strawberries in the market and on the dates when the market demands them, which is why a fruitful collaboration with HERMISAN has been established,  resulted in the implementation of a modern Advanced Fertigation Systems Nutricompact for the control of pH and CE, as well as the implementation of improvements in existing filtering systems and field network, all controlled by a Supra Automated System, in addition to one remote meteorological outdoor station, for the management and external control of the system.

The result has been spectacular and in keeping with the prestige and demand of a business organization such as AGROMEDINA.